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  • Zarges case in aluminium

Zarges case in aluminium

Base surface 80×40 | Height 34 | 40704

Zarges Eurobox in aluminum is intended for those who want solid packaging at a more reasonable price. Provides a full-fledged solution for the protection and storage of tools and instruments. Zarges Eurobox is equipped with a gasket in the lid that prevents the ingress of dust and water, as well as stacking corners, stainless hinges and fall straps in the lid. It also has reinforcement profiles at the top and bottom of the case. The haspe locks are equipped with an adapted key lock. A padlock can also be used in the hasp lock.


  • Box walls and aluminum profiles
  • Hinges in stainless steel, no details that rust
  • Reinforcement profile around base and lid
  • Flexi handle in aluminum with 5 rivets
  • Gasket in the lid
  • Weatherproof, IP 54
  • Wall thickness 1.0 mm
  • Nylon fastening strap for the lid
  • Polyamide stacking corners
  • Marking plate that can be easily replaced with a key lock
  • Smart system accessories
  • The box that can withstand most things!!

    We have Zarges Eurobox boxes in many sizes.

    Call or send an email for more information.

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